Indeed, high energy. – 3/28/17


“Indeed: Schulz contributes to increasing the spice of democracy over the long-term.”

Posted by /u/ _Freundschaft_ on with the original title “in der Tat, hohe Energie.”  

This meme comes from a spot for the anti-baldness product Alpecin. One of a few funny things about the ad is how “Dr. Klink” looks at his “computer” to see that using Alpecin allows the growth stage of hair to continue throughout life; in the meme you can see an increasing red line for “democracy”. The other funny thing is just the usage of the phrase “in der Tat”, which I think sounds silly, overly formal and maybe even archaic to Germans. I’ve translated “in der Tat” as “indeed.”

Also, having a company so brazenly posture as “scientific” while also completely failing at it is somewhat amusing.

But as for Martin Schulz: indeed, it’s all true! He has indisputably increased the spice of German democracy. I guess “over the long-term” might be a stretch… if he wasn’t Martin Schulz,  der Gottkanzler.





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